School Age-Ecole Regent Park

Our before and after school program at Ecole Regent Park is very different from a usual childcare centre. Because the children are older, the program has more of a casual, home-like atmosphere. We find that the older children really enjoy the program. It provides them with a safe place to be after school, and they receive our support as they work through their social development issues. Our Regent Park program is often called “The Pre-Teen Club” and the children who make up the program have a lot of control over how they spend their time. The centre is divided into two rooms. One has a quieter space for art activities, homework, and just hanging out. The other offers space for games and louder activities, including the ever changing lego world which takes up much of the room as the school year progresses. Children may participate in our school age program until the end of the school year in which they turn thirteen, and it is not unusual for us to have grade eights enrolled. Inservice care is not available at our Regent Park site and we are also closed for the school Christmas break, spring break and summer holidays. We work closely with the staff at Ecole Regent Park to ensure a good transition between the school day and the after school program!